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My Story

My journey prepared me to be a healer...

Starting from the beginning… my parents divorced when I was a year old and I was raised by a loving, loyal, strong, courageous, brilliant, independent mom. In spite of that, without a father, I began my journey with unworthiness and seeking love in all the wrong places — outside of myself.

Starting from age 19, my intimate partners often struggled with moderate to severe addiction issues, in spite of my determination to avoid this pattern in future partners. However, I was provided with incredible opportunities to do The Work! After years of intense suffering, I finally had to realize I was not a victim and also played a key role in the dysfunction of the relationships. I had to face my controlling, codependent, insecure, fearful, and faithless self that lacked the necessary tools to face life with confidence and courage.

Throughout these years I was also a mother of two beautiful sons who struggled with their own issues while I worked full time as a paralegal for over 20 years. Life was not easy! However, as I began to take full responsibility, practice true forgiveness, and turn to a Higher Power, life took some miraculous turns.

I was unexpectedly and magically offered a job in my version of paradise, the U.S. Virgin Islands, which began a thrilling new chapter lasting 9 amazing years. I found mySelf and a spiritual Tribe where I was able to heal, thrive, and be of service in my relationships and beloved community. I discovered A Course in Miracles which provided profound healing and led me to become an Ordained Minister Spiritual and Relationship Counselor based on its teachings. I discovered the gift of yoga, became a registered yoga teacher, and remain dedicated to my practice . I discovered Dr. Marshall Rosengberg’s Nonviolent Communication (NVC) process and have attended and shared hundreds of hours of training. I completed a family mediation certification program and realized the power of using NVC to support people in resolving their conflicts and healing their relationships. I helped create a spiritual community along with a nonprofit which offered free community events weekly and annually to raise our consciousness. I attended and facilitated numerous healing workshops and retreats. Along the way, I’ve experienced higher levels of spiritual growth and awakening which is my foundation and inspiration.

Unfortunately, my oldest (adult) son returned to Ohio after an unfulfilling semester at the University of the Virgin Islands and began a downward spiral as the opioid epidemic was heating up. I left paradise and returned to Ohio, inspired to change careers and become a social worker as well as to live near my sons and mom. I did not realize the extent of my son’s addiction problems until I returned.

The next seven years were a roller coaster of epic proportions. I attended The Ohio State University’s College of Social Work and graduated with both a Bachelor and Master of Social Work degrees (and a minor in Addiction studies) while I desperately sought to help my son overcome his addiction. While I initially would not even entertain the idea of working in the field of addiction, I eventually realized Life had been preparing me for it all along and I actually had a profound passion for the field!

Thinking this knowledge and my love could help me save my son, however, was wrong. Tragically, my beautiful son Cory overdosed July 5, 2021. My practice is dedicated to his memory and helping individuals and families navigate the brutal path of addiction and liberating path of healing and recovery.

Life has brought me to my knees again and again and again. In the process, I discovered the vital lessons and hidden blessings which empowered me to Rise and Shine. I am passionate about helping others do the same, while we walk each other Home.


 My Core Values

I believe in the power of compassion, courage, and authenticity to create sacred space for deep connection and healing.


Having faced my own profound challenges, I have immense compassion for all beings who suffer and have dedicated my life in service of helping to relieve suffering.

I have what feels like a gift and sometimes a curse of being empathic. I feel so deeply. I have honed my gifts  of intuition and spiritual sight. I seek to understand your experience as much as I am able so I can be of real service. 

"True compassion means not only feeling another's pain but also being moved to help relieve it."

— Daniel Goleman


 "When we're looking for compassion, we need someone who is deeply rooted, is able to bend and, most of all, embraces us for our strengths and struggles."

— Brené Brown


Courage is the willingness to act in spite of our fear. It takes courage to do the hard things that Life asks of us.


It takes courage to feel our feelings when we’d rather avoid them at all costs. It takes courage to speak our truth, ask for help, to be seen, and take a leap of faith when we don’t know what the outcome will be. It takes courage to face reality and realize we are not in control of Life! 

The journey of healing takes great courage, a true Warrior who is willing to dive deep inside and face our pain! 

Yet when we are willing to do the healing work, we have the opportunity to tap into our innate strength and courage that we were all born with, and there is nothing we cannot accomplish and achieve when we just take that first step.

“Brave means living from the inside out. Brave means, in every uncertain moment, turning inward, feeling for the Knowing, and speaking it out loud.”

— Glennon Doyle


Honesty, authenticity, and transparency are vital keys to revealing the deeper Truths within which yearn to be acknowledged, witnessed, honored, and integrated. It is then that we can truly transmute the darkness back to Light, alchemize our unprocessed emotional wounds and scars into a humble strength and  empowerment, and ultimately reach our highest potential.


Being authentic requires self-compassion, vulnerability, and courage. It also requires the presence of someone who won’t judge us, who truly cares, seeks to understand, and genuinely wants to offer support. 


“Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It's about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen.”

  –- Brené Brown

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