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For individuals, couples, and families in Ohio 

Learn to ride  the waves of life

with greater ease and peace.

Treatment for depression, anxiety, grief, life transitions, relationship disharmony, substance misuse, trauma, spirituality, and more. Heal, grow, & restore inner peace to live your best life. Happiness comes from within.


Jennie Anahata

Jennie Anahata, LISW, LICDC, OMC, RYT200

Clinical Therapist in Ohio

I am a Licensed Social Worker, Chemical Dependency Counselor, and Ordained Ministerial Spiritual Counselor. I also have a lifetime of personal experience, self-development, and spiritual growth.

It is a sacred privilege to walk along side of the brave souls who are willing to do their inner work. This work is holy because it has the power to heal patterns that may have been carried for generations, impacting future generations as well as our collective. I am honored to share the journey, witness your healing, and support you in achieving your goals to create the Life you want to experience.

Every person is completely unique with their own set of life circumstances, past experiences, current challenges, strengths, passions, beliefs, goals, relationship dynamics, and so much more. At Live Free Counseling, I listen deeply to understand my client and what they want to achieve. We collaborate together to develop a plan that will support and guide the process every step of the way.

I provide a safe, nonjudgmental, and compassionate space to bear witness to you and your challenges. Together we embark on a sacred journey of healing, transformation, clarity, and peace. It is such an honor to accompany you.

I am only here to be truly helpful. My daily prayer is to be an expression of Love and Peace

Starting from the beginning… my parents divorced when I was a year old and I was raised by a loving, loyal, strong, courageous, brilliant, independent mom. In spite of that, without a father, I began my journey with unworthiness and seeking love in all the wrong places — outside of myself.

Starting from age 19, my intimate partners often struggled with moderate to severe addiction issues, in spite of my determination to avoid this pattern in future partners. However, I was provided with incredible opportunities to do The Work! After years of intense suffering, I finally had to realize I was not a victim and also played a key role in the dysfunction of the relationships. I had to face my controlling, codependent, insecure, fearful, and faithless self that lacked the necessary tools to face life with confidence and courage.

Throughout these years I was also a mother of two beautiful sons who struggled with their own issues while I worked full time as a paralegal for over 20 years. Life was not easy! However, as I began to take full responsibility, practice true forgiveness, and turn to a Higher Power, life took some miraculous turns.

 "The privilege of a lifetime is to become

who you truly are." – C.G. Jung

Credentials & Areas of Expertise


Licensed Independent Social Worker

  • Master of Social Work from The Ohio State University (2019)

  • Bachelor of Science, Social Work from The Ohio State University (2018)

Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor, (2020)

Ordained Ministerial Counselor, Pathways of Light Spiritual College, (2010)


Certified in Family Mediation (2012)

Registered Yoga Teacher, 200 hours (2012)




Based on your individual needs and goals, I utilize evidenced-based therapy along with holistic practices to incorporate Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul:

  • Connect via your device in the comfort of your home or other private location of your choice in Ohio

  • You decide what you want and together we will determine the best pathway to achieve it

  • If you are willing to do The Work to achieve your goals, I will provide a variety of therapeutic approaches and tools to support you each step of the way

  • If you don’t feel that you are making satisfactory progress or that we are a good fit, I will be happy to assist you in locating another therapist

  • Therapy doesn’t have to take years! Change happens when you are ready, willing, and able, and can occur “in a holy instant” when new insights and greater clarity are re-cognized.


Compassion is not a relationship between the healer and the wounded. It's a relationship between equals. Only when we know our own darkness well can we be present with the darkness of others. Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity.”
– Pema Chodron


At Live Free Counseling, my goal is to be a Lighthouse, illuminating and gently guiding your way to sail through Life’s storms with greater ease and comfort.

Sometimes life feels like sunshine, clear skies, and smooth sailing. At other times it feels like we are riding the waves of stormy seas, and we struggle to find equilibrium and catch our breath. Then there are times a hurricane comes raging through and shakes us to the core. We feel lost, alone, and adrift in unfamiliar territory. We may not believe we have the strength or the proper coping skills to manage.

Whatever you are struggling with, I will guide you each step of the way and help you develop the skills you need to succeed and thrive.

There are incredible opportunities in the storms of life, and together we can gently unearth the hidden gems that provide an anchor through whatever life brings.


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